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Personal Assistant Seattle

Personal Assistant Seattle is our hard working professional organizer who is a specialist in helping meet all your non-work related errands, chores and able to start and finish your To Do list of activities that make living so worthwhile. Personal Assistant Seattle is your own Girl Friday who will run errands to pick up dry cleaning, go to the super market and buy your groceries, plan your party, do your laundry, pick up your child from school, organize the backyard and even mow the lawn if that is what will make your life and job easier. When you are looking for a personal assistant in Seattle Washington give us a call at Gimmie A List

Cleaning Services Seattle

Cleaning Services Seattle provides clean-up services and full maintenance for residential and commercial accounts working diligently to eradicate bacteria and fungus from your home or business. Headed by Michelle G, a veteran in the field of building sanitation and home cleaning, is an impeccable organizer for the smallest job of cleaning a small room to the task of being the prime cleaner after a wedding party in the back yard.

Excellent attention to detail from good quality working people is the beginning good cleaning and healthy environment development. Offering a full range of cleaning services for all your residential and commercial requirements, our cleaning service crews will meet your needs and perform the tasks required to clean the house, perform carpet cleaning room by room and for those with special needs, we clean the marble, tile, natural stone and will seal the floor. We know that taking care of your home or office is a very significant activity and we welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your needs, requirements and special concerns.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Attention to detail with a detailed to do list is the requisite beginning of our cleaning jobs in Seattle, Shoreline, Bellevue and Edmonds by the experienced personnel of Following are the details of our check-list as we tackle and solve the problems in your home, business or playground.

Cleaning the Kitchen - The cleaning job will not be completed until we have cleaned, dried and shined all the kitchen appliance surfaces, including the range hood and sinks. We will clean the stove drip pans, the burner grates, as well as the control knobs. It goes without saying that we will wash the counter-tops, damp wipe the cupboard fronts, as well as wipe the table and chairs with a damp cloth. The job is not completed until we clean the microwave oven inside and out, including the turntable.

Bathroom Cleaning - The bathroom cleaning begins with the killing of bacterial, grunge and mold in the shower, under the soap container, as well as cleaning the bathroom tub, glass counters and tile until they shine with pride. We will damp cloth wipe the bathroom cabinet and cabinet doors and fronts and we will clean the shelves, bathroom fixtures and the vanity items.

Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room Cleaning - Dusting of all the baseboards in all the rooms is a requisite and we will dust the baseboards, light fixtures, furniture, window sills, shelves, blinds and the accoutrements and décor. Our personnel will vacuum and mop all floors as is appropriate and deal professionally with the carpets, rugs and stairs. We will vacuum the furniture, including under the cushions and we will make sure that the waste baskets are cleaned and the entire home is ready and waiting for you with that first impressive clean impression.

Also available when you need it, Gimmiealist will arrange for you to have the best in carpet cleaning, window washing, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, grout restoration and repair, wall washing, gardening and landscaping, interior and exterior painting, as well as professional organizing for your home or office.

Working For You - To Make Life Easier

Have you ever felt like pulling your hair out because you are working so hard and trying to do everything for everyone else, but there is no one doing anything for you and there is rarely a moment for yourself? Let me, Michelle G, help you out and let me take care of a few chores so you can relax, visit the spa, visit the tanning salon, do anything and everything to pamper yourself for a day or two days even.

Personal Assistant - Girl Friday - Concierge Service

Do you wish you had the time to do what you really like and enjoy doing? Personal Assistant Seattle is here to replace you and take over doing some of the tedious work you have to do like housekeeping, laundry, errands to the dry cleaner and the need to buy milk, fruit and vegetables from the market. Your personal assistant will even pick out a gift for that special someone, buy roses for your favorite girl or a bottle of cologne for your special man.

Personal assistant Seattle wants to remind you that spring is coming and we want to help you clean your home and do personal assistance work for all of your needs. Personal assistant Seattle understands that a clean and picked up home means to you before the Easter Holiday. Having friends and family over Personal assistant Seattle will help you with all of your cleaning and other household duties if you live in Seattle that you do not have time for. Call Personal assistant Seattle and we will help you today.

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